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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Finished watching this show last night.Not bad after all.
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Last thursday lab lesson.Seven of us went bishan to have lunch.Ting ended up eating my brownie because I find it not hot enough.All of us agreed that the free flow of bread tasted better than what we ordered.And...I had enough of bread for the time being!
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Ku ku charlene.I always take her blur look.
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Country manna on last friday.The chicken very dry.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My eating companion with her baked rice.
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We had our desserts at surf and splash.40% after 8.30pm.I ordered a cheesecake with a scoop of ice cream.Well, the cheesecake is so hard.
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Her brownie is hot!
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On the way to DXO.
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My first time went clubbing and it was not nice at all!No atmosphere as no one is dancing.The bartender don't want to bother us so we don't bother to order anything.Anyway, it is ladies' night.And I fell down from the stairs!
Went k box on last sunday with ting.The lunch at marina square is far better than those at suntec.But ting was complaining why it took so long for her lunch to come.We didn't extend the time and we headed to buy undergarment at la senza.I had a great time choosing mine.
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Went ting's house because she is cooking pual mee hoon.By the way, she rebonded her hair.Looked nicer.
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All the mee hoon break up!But I am not eating so it's fine with me.
We separated ways as she head to imh and I headed bugis.So tire and boring while waiting for her.And she told me she saw a lot of nice looking guys on the train while I saw none when I was walking round bugis!
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See how hungry we were.And we village to shop for dress.Both of us spotted on a dress that look like a night gown.And when we want to go back and try again, it closed!
Adult choking to go...hopefully pass when assessed next time!
By the way, may jin long's hand get well soon.Whenever my friend hospitalished, they will sms me and asked whether I am on attachment.But the truth is they often sms the wrong timing.


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