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Saturday, November 18, 2006

So full now.Just went to eat sakae.
This week was a week that I never late!I am so proud of myself.!
This week was also a week that I suffered from low self esteem.So I went on dieting.But why I still eat sakae?Isn't it fattening?Yes but it was my only meal today.Give me some moral suppot and stop pouring cold water.
Next week was BCLS exam.I didn't expect my practical to be so fast.
Thurday is such a long day.Have an extra hour of practice session.Charlene become serious!She finally has the force to compress!Cam-whoring with ain's shade after the practice session.I am so xia lan!Xia lan kia act cute!
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Waiting for their meeting over and after tired of playing hannah's game in her phone.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Why their meeting so long...
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Germs used the time to study her theory test.Her sim card spoil.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Forcing to smile.Three ulcer in my mouth.Now even worst;all swollen!I am getting worry for the practical test.
Our night lecturer sound kind of sad.She was so sad after receiving a phone from our lecturer that we didn't understand what she teaching.Kept saying "Don't like you all" and "Class, got any question?".She spoke in such a way that she was rushing for time at the start of her every sentence then like going to cry soon at the end of sentence.The atmosphere got tense when farhan revealed the truth why the head light in the lab suddenly on.All the seven of us were so scare!
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Woke up early on friday and stoned in my kitchen.Met up zhi er for a run at stadium.I slowed down alot.Spent around twenty minutes to run seven rounds.Walked for one round and did sixty crunchers before showering.
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After shower,see how radiance my face is.But I can't smiled because of my ulcers.
Teresa was finally back to teach our biology lesson but I was so tired that I just want to sleep in her lectures.
Went practice again after lec.Ting laughed until her face turned all red after I demostrated how I put unconscious patient on floor.Practice and left the school for subway with jovell.
Meant to study but much of the time was spent on chatting.Then we had dinner at kenny roger.
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Christmas is coming to town.Remind me that time I went factory work, there was this auntie who showed the photo of a house made up of glass bottle.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Waiting patiently for the food to be serve.
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If she dolled up, she really has the x-factor.Huge portion of food!
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Caught you!
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I am very full.This was my left over.I take away the pie and I forced her to finish the fried rice.She ended up cannot even walked straight after dinner and I went home and shit again.


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