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Thursday, December 07, 2006

My soul was not with me today. I don't know why...I just don't have the mood to study.Hannah -lian really sensed it.
I went for dental appointment today.
I saw a man was dancing and singing away at douby.Those people who were entering the same cabin as me were laughing away.So loudly...I forced myself not to laugh.
I took the lift and didn't bother to take a look at which level I was alighting.
The counter called my name and told me my appointment was cancelled.
She said,"Your next appointment was on 9th dec.And it was at level 6."I looked at the board.I register at wrong counter.But I must say!I didn't received any letter telling that my appointment was postponed.
And I took a wrong train that travelled to marina bay.I realized it only when all people alighted.
I was sleeping away on the train when I blinked and saw a cute guy in front of me.I am really exhausted and continue my sleep.Then this guy who sitting beside me was squeezing me to the glass panel.I drooled again!
The seven of us were at mac.We saw this muscular guy eating mcspicy.It took us a few minutes to realize that he was actually cindy ma's hubby.Charlene suggested one of us go and ask if he was.In the end, she was the one who did it.Germs called cindy ma and clarified it.Yes, he was but he looked like not very happy with us.
We saw shawn goh and his son.I think shawn goh don't like us.
Dr Pns's last lesson.Wonder who will taking us next time?Old woman again?
I finished my maiden vows!Ending not very nice.The third story very comedy.
They are fated.Germs and ivan!Teresa called ivan's name followed by hers yesterday.See...our class has so many people but she called hers.That really mean they are fated together.
Anyway, went to catch Flags of Our fathers with ahminlah,luncheon meat, germs and jo"well".Morale of the story is don't ever admit that you raised a flag.
So dark!I hardly can see anything.That ck scent again.I feared that it was you.Kept on sniffing the use to be familiar perfume and scared that I can't recognise you.Heart struggles and scared that you don't even want to give a damn to say hi.And then I turned my head and it was not you.Sort of relief but disappointment just lingers around.


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