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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Let me start with the first day of 2007.On the first day of 2007, I reached home at 7 plus in the morning with no voice, exhausted body and running fever.After some wash up, I lied on the bed and I woke up around noon to have some panadol.I really couldn't take it.Slept till 5 pm and went to JB after eating a bowl of wanton noodles. I reached the resturant at 8.30pm(my grandpa,auntie, uncle and his family haven't eat yet) and we left at 9.30pm.Went back to s'pore after buying new year shoes at city square.Well, the passport photo just don't look like me.The custom still need to check with my ic, which also don't look like me too(That dog outside Mos took some time checking my ic).Let us look back my past photos.
1)I think I just learned how to walked(?)
2)3 years old; still got those baby fats.
3)6-7 years old.I remember that shoes.My favourite pair...lost it because I forget to take it back when I went cruise.I was on glasses when I was primary one.
4)Most probably primary three or four.My mother don't like long hair because she lazy to help me tied and she think long hair is trobulesome.
5)I finally can grow my hair when I was in primary five.This photo is my passport photo, which was taken on 2002.
6)I decided to change my hair style.I still remembered it was the holiday before secondary three and I went kky's office there to cut.This my secondary three class photo.
7)Secondary four.Able to see how braces changed my life.
8)This was taken when I went to saw hui's house to practice my first skill test.I was into spikes...like hedgehog, use spike to protect self.And that's the reason why I went to cut my hair into spike right after the day he leaves.
9)Chinese new year on 2006.Went saw hui's house to curl my hair.
10)My hair was so golden that time!It was the valentine day on 2006...the first time I spent after he left.Anyway, I really forgotten how we celebrated the festival when we were together.
11)My seventeen birthday celebration at eastcoast.

12)June 2006...not long after I went JB with yen yee.First time went overseas without parents or relatives.
13)My eighteen birthday.

14)October 2006...around that period...I knew that time quite near to ting's birthday.
And well...new year must have new look.Actually, not really new.
I countdown my newyear with joo and GT.After dinning at mos and meeting their friends, we ended at tcc.I FORCED gt to exchange his with joo because both of don't take banana.Slacked until around 10 plus, we went to meet their friends again to go vivo countdown.And we actually gone there for nothing.See a bit fireworks and their friends just walked off without saying anything.And we took a cab there!
Went back and it was only 1am.Our show started at 2.05am!See how gt and joo craps at starbuck!I was not in the mood...I couldn't control...my body was getting weaker and wearker.
They takeaway mac and went to cathey.And the quene!It was so packed and the que
ne was slow.And two of them were talking about maple with their friends that they just met.Felt so isolated.I already offered to get the takeaway at 1.30am and gt don't want to listened.Stilled agrued back when I told them the show has started.And my patient has its limit especially this period.I agrued with my super no volume voice!
Anyway,the show(night in the museum) not bad but some parts are predictable.But I was quite rude to spoke so loudly in the threatre.But I had no voice...So sorry!Walked around before the train resumed
.GT.Help!Felt so terrible when sick.Went k-box on second day of 2007.My voice still couldn't make it!But it was my friends that I missed so badly.I managed to sing a song with my no volume voice.Hey, got people say I sounded so cute, sexy with this voice.Eddy left as he was meeting his darling and so daniel, who will be meeting his friends in town around evening.Blood diamond was much better than the night in museum.I liked the eyes of the male role.At haggen daz eating ice cream.My black forest! Separated our ways at bishan library.Joo came my house to do bio.
Sometimes I think don't meet too much also not a bad idea.At least I will miss you guys .But it was quite sad as we will be seeing each other most possible next year , which is 2008!
My new year resolutions is to face the truth.Face the truth that my results really bad and need to pull up socks.
Face the truth that I do miss him whenever I am alone and this festival season.
Maybe like what this mv said, I only miss him when he left me.
Sometimes I just like to do what takashi did in the show perhaps love...the part every year he will went back to this particular house.

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