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Friday, January 05, 2007

Finally went to see a doctor on thurday. I was down with flu.And my head is getting heavier and heavier.
Give me a seat and I will just dozed off easily.My body just feel so tired, just like I was having insomia for few days.
Thanks for all the corcern.Things that worry me were my bio prac test on monday and those upcoming ica.My groupmates somehow had to put up with my flu, which I am feeling quite bad about it.
I was given three medication.
Content:Per 5 mL Codeine phosphate 9 mg, ephedrine HCl 6 mg, promethazine HCl 3.6 mg
Indication: Cough
Class: Cough and cold remedies
Dosage: 10ml tds(for me)

Adminstration: May be taken with or without food.
HTN, asthma; MAOI therapy.
Adverse drug reaction:
Resp depression, sedation, dizziness; blurred vision, dry mouth; GI upset, constipation, urinary retention.
Special precaution:
Hepatic or renal impairment; CV disease, HTN; fever, hypothyroidism, recent GI or urinary tract surgery; narrow-angle glaucoma; may impair ability to drive or operate machinery. Not recommended for infants.
Interactions: additive effects with CNS depressants
Content:(Per fedac tab) Pseudoephedrine 60 mg, triprolidine HCl 2.5 mg.
Cough & Cold Remedies, Antihistamines & Antiallergics
Indication: Nasal & upper resp tract congestion, common cold, acute sinusitis, allergic rhinitis.
Dosage: 1 tab tds
Adminstration: May be taken with or without food.
Contraindication: Asthma, hyperthyroidism, severe hypotension, coronary artery disease. Neonate or premature infants; patients on MAOIs.
Special precaution:
Renal or hepatic impairment, cardiac disease, diabetes. Avoid alcohol, driving & operating machinery.
Adverse drug reaction: Drowsiness; disturbed coordination; dry mouth, nose & throat.
MAOIs, alcohol, other CNS depressants.
Content: Bromhexine HCL 8mg
Indication: Reduced of sputum viscosity.
Dosage: 8mg tds
Class: Cold & cough remedies
Adminstration: Taken with food.
Special precaution:
GI ulceration. Pregnancy(1st trimester)
Adverse reaction:
Occasionally, GI effects & transient rise in serum aminotransferase values.
I think I need to rest now.


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