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Sunday, January 14, 2007

A busy week for me.
I was very stress up about the skill test.It consisted two tests-prac and theory.I had no confident at all because I never pay much attention to the class.I was really quite pissed off.First of all, the lecture notes were useless.All the important stuffs were in cbt and I only got to know I can actually access at home like this tuesday(?).At home, I can't access the video on demand and can only access if the cbt system was not screwed up.This module really required alot of so call self-directed learning.I wondered where my school fee has gone.We come to school is to get someone to teach but not learn by myself.I am getting more and more agreed that my school just simply sux.
Scent pouch from Japan.Thanks to Jovell!Got this for answering during patient education.When you have head lice, you either shave off your hair or apply permethrin.Having meeting at the library...so messy!I don't like meeting.I had very little concentration span...and I am hungry!Right after meeting dismissed, I rushed down to food junction with germs to have chicken cutlet.Chocolate from san franciso.Cecelia, my mentor, bought during her trip there.Actually, we were not very close with her because when she was in school, we were out attachment or the other way round.But she is nice overall.Chocolate from ben ben de.This my favourite chocolate for now.Ben ben de said I looked pale nowadays.She knew I am stress so she treated me fruit juice and this!Thanks, with your encouragement, I won't do stupid thing.You too...don't smoke because of stress!
Last week, due to high metabolism rate, I ate quite alot of thing and it influenced this week!I was eating every now and then.Worst come to it, I was having supper for quite a few nights!
I was listening to smiling pasta OST.This band sound not bad.Watched first six episode of fei tain xi shi.This guy is called Matthew Ko.I think he is more attractive than andy(mum also agreed).And he is MR hongkong for 2005.I like guys with ear stud!

Happy birthday to my dad, whose birthday falls on 13 January!


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