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Monday, February 05, 2007

I just realized I was left with 1 week to study for my exams!Oh my god!
Aa usual, went to study with vell at subway on friday.At subway?!Of course not!We studied half way and we are going are psycho by the notes.We went for dinner instead.Before that, we went zara.In the dressing room.This cost only 20 bucks but there are two stains on the top and it seem like it was a little too big for me.
Back to Genki.Well, Vell was having a stomache and went to the toilet to shit after eating for 2 to 3 plates.The waiter really...I ordered my steam egg for 2 times and didn't want to bother me.Well, I know it is actually lack of staffs but I reminded him not one but twice.And some more, the other waiter wants to fool us that the sushi belt is only meant for 3 -4 persons when we saw a couple just come out like that from there!In the end, we reminded them the third times when vell came back from the toilet and ordered her food from the manager.
So full!Completed by vell and me.See how thick the green tea is!We put like 6- 10 spoons of the green tea and we realized we only need to put like 1 -2 spoons!It was still the same after pouring 4 to 5 times of hot water.Must rest abit after eating.Sit and slack.Trying to act the genki logo.
Rushed to meet joo since she was at PC bunk.
Saw bin pei!
GT,lemon and joo were eating KFC when I came.Took train together.I enjoyed shooting GT with joo;sometimes we need to exercise our mouths abit.
Saw Mao at yishun station.Joo went home first and I came out later to meet cat, joshua and mao again.Went Cat's house and stayed there until 3 am.Saw quite a lot of familiar things.
Went to dine at the no brand seafood(wu zhao bai) on saturday.I left early(8.45pm) without eating crabs(!) because I need to the birthday girl at 9 pm at BK.I reached there at 10pm because I need to buy her present.
Eddy came a little bit late.
Joshua and mao came at around 11pm.Joshua was at home and waiting for mao!
Cut the cakes and eddy left as he was sleepy before we went to watch once in a summer.
So sad!Both of them love each other deeply but cannot be together!I cried until both eyes were so red!
Reached home and started to HIM project...I was so pissed the intake and output chart that I decided to scan and just edited!
Lunar new year is coming and everywhere is filled with the atmosphere!But I need to study for exam!
Hope kat enjoyed the small celebration!
My phone rang twice today during prac.Tomorrow got 2118 theory and presentation.
Today is my mum's birthday!
HappY birthday,MUM!

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