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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Seven of us decided to celebrate at as a payoff from exam.
I knew some how or rather they put the meeting time for me is earlier.But I still went there earlier and wait for them.Charlene was the latest. "See what see?Never see people took bus to zoo before?"
We took bus138 to the zoo.(hana-lian's head) Seven of us were so excited to such an extent that we were some noobs that never been to zoo before. See, we even took pictures like some tourists.Those animals...very werid.They were either sleeping or eating.Then some were walk here and there like some roadshow or scared people.I was scared twice by kangeroos and monkey.Suddenly jumped!We also saw ah nei's best friend, the hippo! The road sign.
The stringray.It will be better if it is bbq. The orang utan...it is actually passing urine from the top of the tree.We kept on laughing at ah min; saying those animals were her relatives.
Hey charlene & jovell, ah min asked me to take photo with her!
They liked to pose like elephants.But hana-lian is the cutest!

As usual,they take video of ah min.So ke-lian!
That drooling kangeroo.It just woke up.Kangeroos also drool in their dreams.
We walked for hours and our stomachs were yaking!So hungry!Jovell said she suffered from hypoglycemia.Settled lunch at KFC.As if we never eat KFC before.
Charlene is so funny.She shouted "chimpanzee"so loudly at the mandrill even the angmos laughed at her!Always got such stuns.
Don't know why seven spill into two groups suddenly.Year of hog.
The wishing well.I think she wanted to be the spokerwoman for KFC.The scenery is pretty.See what jovell doing.The horse's fur is so smooth.If I am not wrong, it was about twelve or thirteen years old.The turtle is even taller than us!
And we met up again at the reptile park..very touching till the sky cried for us!Struck in the rain!They kept on saying ahmin for not bring umbrella.Auntie Charlene even dry her umbrella while waiting the rain to get smaller. The pathetic seven of us need to share two small umbrellas among ourselves.Charlene is so cute!The zebras!Sorry, Iam alittle bit excited that scared her.
We catched the sealions and polar bears show.Hannah said the polar bears's name, inuka & sheba, very nice.I suggested to name her children after them.
Last stop:the souviers shop.Ghost(?)!
Charlene suggested to take bus at the bus stop before the zoo's.While we were walking halfway, the bus 138 came.Some kind of scary and the sky is turing darker and darker.
And that idiot driver of the bus that by pass us when we were walking halfway even horned at us and waved(bided) at us.Finally reached the bustop before the sky started raining!
Met zipeng they all for dinner and zipeng collected the money for vincent's present.Big senior Jack want to bluff me that the one I saw at nyp not his girlfriend.But the paper cannot cover fire;I helped him put the coins back into his wallet and saw the photo.
The two Jacks cut the same hair and wear the same pattern.I almost cannot regconise who is who.While walking to lao da's house, the two of us stand side by side at the stairways like the "men shen".
Went lao da's house to play game boy while the others played mahjong.
Went cindy-ma's house.She cut her hair to aid her care for little ben.Little ben is very excited.Oh charlene never come because of something on.We had a great time carry him because he is hyperactive.He loves jumping.Drinking his barley; holing his bottle.His moo moo.He will cry if he heard "mooooooooooooo".Took this while he change his diaper.


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