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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Have stimulation training today at H421.
The model is called haron.Night nurse was cheng ern.When the morning nurses(suba and huabin) asked about the medication, he replied"Oh shit!Let me check."
And there haron started to complained of breathlessness.Haron is actually acted by another lecturer and he even gave alot of cues such as chasing cheng ern out of ward, told hua bin to give the average peak flow(need to measure peak flow thrice instead one and give instruction for every procedure).
Day nurses were screwed up badly, luckily I am just a observer.Dr Bealau was correcting all their errors...in a very strict way(sound like scolding).
As uaual, the two "people" always gave a very good evalulation.And one of them actually commented the day nurses as pigs!Come on, it may be a hear & forget comment.But imagine you are inside, can you really that properly without any mistake?We do learn from our mistake.You may have forget or deny the fact but come on, I heard it.And maybe this is the first time our lovely day nurses gave patient's neubuilizer, hot pink or red bull or piggy!
I think the andy part for HS2118 is hard due to lack of time management and I only started to study today.
Minmin confessed that she is "ke lian" and "shi she" because we said we will check if there is piles (people who lied will develop piles).
7 days toward exams!GO!GO!GO~

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