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Thursday, March 22, 2007

On tuesday...I am still that cheerful;hoping my attachment will end in a few days time just make me feel so good about it.Hannah lian...
Ever since I woke up this morning, I had been vomitting a total of four times.
It all started yesterday around 4 am, I suddenly felt so terrible.I tried to sleep but couldn't.And then here it came.I vomitted thrice.And my mother,a very good mother instead, gave me my dad's unwanted brief and asked me to clear up all by myself.
After clearing up, I went back to sleep again andI felt pain at my abdomen causing me to tear.I heard my brother preparing to school and I woke up again to vomit.
Back to sleep, woke up at 10 ,read some newspaper,vomitted with diarrhea and back to sleep.I felt so tired that my body were splitting themselves.
But I still took panadol and back to attachment.
I kept feeling giddy and I couldn't stand it anymore after they finished passing report.I asked my collegues should I go home now because I am very giddy.They asked me to go back because they don't want to see me faint with the baby in my arms.So I told sister that I am going home.
The morning shift an also said I am very pale.The journey back to yishun seem so long, like no ending at all.Dragged myself and went to a neighbourhood gp.
The quene was long...I waited for around one hour plus for my turn.
The doctor told me that I was infected during the attachment and gave me two days mc.See, my attachment is extended!
This is for diarrhea.This is panadol.This stemil for vomit which has no use at all.This is charcoal for wind.This has to be taken before food.And the funny part is, I vomitted this out after sometime I eat food.
I really don't like nyp'sway of passing up mc.I had to dragged all the back to nyp to pass up my mc after I printed the proof or statement of abscence.
Back home, ate medicine and sleep again with stomache.Woke up at 9 plus and ate a few mouth of porridge.This is my first meal of the day but I just don't feel like eating.
Woke up at 11 plus and vomit twice, where all my porridge and charcoal was out.
So I made myself 1/2 cup of milo and vomit some of it out.
And I went back to sleep...till11 plus this morning and woke up with ms chee's call, my grandmother nuiscance.
Anyway, thanks for all the concern...really feel touch but my mind is not working well.Especially in msn, I repiled very slow and no reply is because I was in a sleeping mood and my computer is seem to be very far from my bed.
I am now 53kg...a loss of 2 kg.

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