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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Celebrated hana's birthday on 24, a day before her 19th birthday.Finally got to eat something esle other than porrigde plus cai xin, milo & medicine.I totally had no idea why I always took ting eating so hungrily.The two nuts looked so serious in talking.Yup, go ahead and laugh at my louhan head.And here it's come the main thing of the day-the cake.Make a wish, make a wish...And blew the candles.Wait...before cut cake must take photos.Put down the knife...Ting ting, our big boss(long tou lao da)The lians sisterhood.Germs, whose skin is peeling.Poor thing...Charlene with hana...the girls who did not look like 19 at all.Jovell, who most of the time has attachment with hana.We had the same blood type.And a group photo.Finally get to cut the cake.The cake servers.And I truly think that the present drove her nuts.
After lunch, charlene and ting left.We went scrolling at HMV and raffles city shopping centre.And we ended up sitting at the hotel lobby for 2 hours.I didn't took with jovell and germs because they said I kept on snapping photos.The toilet door at the hotel is shaky.And the door automatic opened itself...
Thanks to germ, who accompany me to cini to buy lao niang's present and bought eight nose peel to pay by nets and gave me the recipt for becoming a member.So happy to hear people say my complexion is good.They even thought I put foundation and in fact, I didn't.
Happy birthday to hannah and annilism.


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