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Friday, March 23, 2007

See...this is the medication I had.Luckily, I had finished the charcoal and I don't need to take panadol and dhamotil anyway.For the omega-3h.It is actually some vitamin so I only need to start eating when my vomit stopped
Yesterday, I vomitted eight times before I went to see another GP.That GP told me that stemil work on brain but not on the muscles that control the vomitting.And since, I was vomitting like no one business, he said the medication can't even work well through oral.So, he gave a IM injection at my butt(dorsogluteal).
Actually, it just feel some bug bitting whose string is very long.Then my mother also see the doctor about her condition-smelly farting and diarrhea.
And we spent a total of $72 that didn't include the taxi fare.
And I went home vomit again.
Woke up in the morning(5am) and vomit twice again.But I still want to tried to work because I don't want to replace 5 days.
I was feeling giddy when I reached the hospital and rest in the staff room; waiting for ms chee.
Ms chee asked me to replace next week.3 days mc=5 days attachment.Like kind of failed one week of the posting and need to replace it.So I ended up having only 2 week break.But what to do? I am still feeling nausea and giddy.
And she asked me to go home brew lipton tea and barley without sugar.I did and was eating well with the porridge.
Don't know if I can recover by tomorrow.Saturday is celebration of hannah's birthday and sunday is farewell gathering for ivan.

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