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Monday, March 05, 2007

I was attached to this ward that had abortion cases.Heard that we are able to see dead fetus.
Don't know why keep on charting wrong column.Maybe due to the insomia last night;tossing left and right on bed.
I was very scare for the attachment; so long ago since last attachment.
Separated from charlene.Idiot joker...asked me to pscho the patient to cancel the abortion.Sometimes, really cannot afford just like my mum, who went for abortion after my brother's birth.No money how to keep the baby?Everyone always have the reason to do something behind it...maybe we might think it's wrong and can't accept it but who don't want to go the right way?
It was not a busy afterall compared to ttsh.I can go around my cubicle and smile at every patient.
My ben ben de was saying that she feel happy when I scolded her.A way to show that I am alright.
Anyway, I saw her and serene ah ma at parco today while accompany charlene to buy mag.
I was pissed with my mum's cooking.Knew that I am coming back home but still cook those dishes that I don't like.In the end, she went to buy supper for me.

P.S:Take care of your gastric & avoid alcohol if it can't take it.
I just knew your popo passed away and you went to cut your eyelids.Take care.Just a bit "yi han" not by your side...grieving period is very cruical as if not handled properly can lead to depression.


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