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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Celebrated Boyfriend's birthday.Only boyfriend and girlfriend.By the way, boyfriend gave a surprise visit on monday.At mac, wearing boyfriend's spec.He wore mine...like kid.I supposed to make boyfriend mango dipped with chocolate for his birthday.As a result, it failed!So I made barley for him.Dinner at ca.Like kind of force by me to pose. My dinner, got mango inside.Being forced to sing birthday song with waiters and two customers staring at me. So seducing...Happy birthday, my dear!Bought the same shirt at S&k.Supper-cold ramen.Like yu sheng.Cardholder for him.Facial product for him.Blue coloured tongues.And he bought me to this beautiful place beside indoor stadium.So cooling...So romantic.
Met him today and we watched the japanese show called retribution.I died so everybody must die.Stupid show...don't know what the hell it talking about.The ghost is super retarded, can own self opened the door and go out.
Back in nyp...Guess who am I talking to?Zhier...At bio lab.Number one bitch.Wondered why it is black and white?Simply because they wanted to hide the pimples. Act cute again.This is how I came to school on a heavy rainy day.Germs said I looked like those at the funeral.She is the queen of the bitch.
Queen of bitch, wondered what hana-lian saw on monday?
I showed you...A bruise?A symbol of love...

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