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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Joshua and kat.Know what is the funny part?They asked me to go and paid his present's money with his prescene!In the end, I hadn't paid the money.
Watched sunshine.Well...I was tearing away when they died.In actual fact, everyone said it was boring.Quite true; the plot is expected and their long calculation doesn't make sense to me.I wonder...actually I am a hippo too.I always tear when watching vcd or dvd.In actual fact, when my patient die.I just feel a little sad and I only one tear during my grandma's funeral.I kind of like my house back night view.And it's windy last night so I took a photo of it.
I still remember last time my nose is very sensitive.So I slept alone in the study room.Study room had a cupboard and I liked to sit inside.I feeling this right now...sometimes when feeling tired or stress up and I just want to left alone and stay in my emo world.Night life is great...the brain seem to refresh whenever the wind blow.
Contradicting isn't it?I mentioned before I will turn crazy by facing four walls at home and now I am thinking of my old cupboard's comfort.Maybe I am a typical cancer girl; mood swings.
This is my guardian who guide me through work.This photo really portray me as some auntie.So ugly!He is a funny guy.Full of ideas that make me laugh.He even "treat" me drinks today and the way he treat was...excitment.


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