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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I had three hours of lecture.The second and third were so draggy.Since I brought wrong book, I gave up and continue my beauty sleep.Actually, not only me, quite a number of students were sleeping away.Those who were awake were chatting away and charlene played her DS.
Met up with cecilla.She said about putting on landyard.Charlene repiled only newbie wore it.Then we pushed the blame and said leader, assistant leader and treasurer never set good example that's why.
Cecilla wanted us to include one PRC in the sub group.Actually, my subgroup is fine because it consist of chinese, india and malay.But the PRC didn't wanted to be together.We had a discussion on it and our mentor insisted that we include one in our group.
Luckily, I called xiao liang into our group.From my past experience, Xiao liang actually will do things but she is very quiet.Hope she will be better this time round.
Linan complained that we always laugh at their pronounsation.Suba defended and said we did it secretly and openly only to cheng ern and my pronounsation.
Cecilla asked me how I deal when I was being laugh and my answer is because we were told to take thing postively during attachment.Even they laughed at me, I feel sad but I know it is part of learning process.
From what I observed, she is quite selfish.Take example yesterday, she tried all the different size gloves and mixed them up.She even spoiled one of them and she just chucked it in such a way no one actually knew it.
Then I said to her in chinese, "S2, why you mixed up the gloves?Can you put them back to the correct size?"
She DON'T BOTHER ABOUT IT.She later arranged them because the lecturer asked her to arrange.
And that ah nei is so hippo.She was the one who always critisize those PRC but she said, "I am neutral to them" when jovell said those PRC didn't contribute at all.I was so shocked when jovell said that in such a straight and frank way.
So sad, we kicked out Faz and took xiao liang in.
Anyway, we were caught the first time we went staff toilet.
A lecturer(L) came in and saw us.
L:"Who are you?"
L:"Which year?Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3?Do you see the staff toilet outside?"
Charlene hestiated a while and said we were from year 1.
L:"Get out now!"
As I rushed out the toliet with them, I didn't washed my hands until I reached the fourth floor.
Luckily, Miss Tan never said we were from Year 3 because charlene and me were under her last time at ttsh.
We were taught putting on gown for lab.So miss ho is the lecturer who always said "and stuffs like that" during lecture.
Anyway, she was trembling while teaching.I think because she is not from the OT that's why.Putting on gown require lots of efforts.Putting on gloves is not as easy as well.Successful putting on them.Always position hands at chest level after putting.OT gown is so long that we looked as if we put on a dress.Dare to let us operate on you?We can be serious and fun too!She is impressed with breast implant(just joking).Joy Fun Peace Laughter
And our dear jovell tried to seduce suba with the hair shampoo's adveritment and indian accent.
Ah nei asked if I maintain my weight since last time GE during attachment.I only knew that my face become skinner until charlene told me so.
The security guard(dog) at the escalator said malay to me.Mum asked if I mind people think that we were sisters since an auntie said we looked like at the clinic.I explained that I don't mind and said she is 50 something, a little poor eyesight.Mum's friends commented that I looked very dark like malay.

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