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Thursday, April 19, 2007

During lecture...Serene ah ma and me.I realized that jovell like to take those seducing picture.See, I so KIND...help to hide it with a leaf and so hardworking by writing down what the lecturer said.See the distance between suba and her "mama".
This is my BCLS cert.I was kind of expected it to be a laminated A4 size paper and it turned up to be a namecard sort of thingy.Slacking at tcc on wednesday as k-box at parazid is closed!Looked at what jovell did!Luckily, the tcc staff got her a new cup of rasberry freeze.See the disappoinment in her face when she didn't got to sing on wednesday and spilled her drink.I think there is a holein my mouth.Drank water also can spill.While waiting for Boyfriend...looked as if I had very short hair.That hungry girl.Uncle Pual and auntie ting.First present from Boyfriend.10 cent ball point pen.
Yesterday was a disappointment.
My friends were telling me my boobs were gone.I want to clarify,I am not dieting at all.I have no idea why there is a sudden decrease in my appeptite.
Boyfriend recognised other girl as me.I am not god, of course, I will got angry.Isn't that I am the apple in your eyes and yet you recognise the wrong person?I was rather frustated that I couldn't find anything for Boyfriend's birthday.A lot of thoughts just raced through and that particular dinner at manhanttan seem to be worst meal.Boyfriend and I left earilier.As we walked toward that durian structure, I told him the helplessness I am feeling and I scared that I can't give him any comfort anymore, which he said this is what I given to him together with me.I feel like letting go of him since I can't give him any happiness.Isn't loving someone so must give him the best?
Anyway, my boyfriend's name is sheng long not nicholas.He looked young as if he was 16-year-old but in fact he is the same age as me.
And you know how sweet is him?
"I don't want anything from you.I just want you to accompany me for my birthday."
It was so encouraging and touching.My heart simply melted.And it was so comfortable that I rested my head on his chest on my way home.
Anyway, I told my mother and brother about Boyfriend.
Mum:"So next time, you won't be able to dine out with me?"
My reply is "No, I will still but less often.Free meals, why not?!"
Brother:"I can see."
Me:" So you want to see his picture?Let me feel proud about it."
Bro:"Not interested at all."

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