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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blogger screwed up once again.So long never update but due to screw up, I shall made it a short entry.
What I did for shs e-learning day?
Woke up at 6.30am in the morning for 8am lab lesson and for meeting.K-lunch afterward...Sorry...around 70 photos; can't possible blog all.To view bigger images, please proceed to my mulpity.
Met up with my ben ben de after since we last went out together.Met up her chatpal and went shopping.Bought new slippers.Less than 20 bucks.Satifsied craving for cheesecakes.She got a new watch.No battery at all.Guess which is mine?
Went for subway on friday.Boyfriend came to fetch me before going his house.He was resting due to headache.Had subway and we were separated from jovell, germs, ting and pual.Sometimes, it was very hard to balance between love and friendship.I tended to be quiet since school started because I knew I will keep talking about boyfriend.So why not zipped up and let others have the say.Is not that I can't survived without love but people in love will turn stupid.
Sometimes, I read friends' blogs and knew they were sad.I did want to be their side to lend a shoulder.But how can I help if I don't know what is happening to them?No pain no gain...
Boyfriend always gives my his support by moviating me whenever I felt our love is insecure.Even study too...rushed me to go study.Thanks alot...I also wanna to be your understanding girlfriend.
Waited four hours for spiderman 3 on last saturday...You feel bad whenever go out with me because you either sleep or play games.But you did nothing wrong at all.I saw you so tire and still want to accompany me just to make me feel secure just makes my heart melts...

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