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Monday, May 14, 2007

Last thursday was having my theory test.The saqs are so direct in the sense that I was so loss in answering them.
I was late for friday lecture.Actually I think I shouldn't went for the three hours continuous lecture.It was a waste of time because I was sleeping away.From left to right, right to left and then germ's shoulder and left again.And to add things worst, we had three hours break before our next tutorial.
Went bishan to have sliced fish soup.Everyone is so engross because they were very hungry except for me.
Went junction 8 to kill time and I bought a furry keychain.I like the cartoon of the key chain.It was the only cartoon that attract my attention to stick to youtube for 30 over episodes and 1 episodes is divide into 3 parts.
Went to find ms cindy after tutorial.We went to the laozhabor wedsite.It was so funny to hear her rap.All prepared for nafra.
Anyway, I failed three stations of nafra.2.4km remained since sec 4.Not bad after all because I didn't trained for 2 years already.But the after nafra symptom is terrible.Jovell was puking away.Everyone was complaining of the aching.I was fine after the test but was terrible the day after.I have difficulties in shitting since the moment I tried to force the shit out, my legs will be aching.I also cannot even bend too much too.
But the most fun part of the nafra is not the exercise but to ask number from one of the part-time instructor for germs.I only found out last night that boyfriend was a little bit jealous but as a mature boyfriend, he knew I asked for my friend so he didn't mind alot.
K box trip on saturday.Cinileisure k-box sucks!Service was slow and one of the staff, captain somemore, was pretty rude.Sensors was not working.Staffs kept chasing us out of our room.Changed room from 13 to 83.Pual said he was not prepared.Met jovell's friend, berry....or belly?Pual is so bad...exposing the deer's...Ting and her son.Pual claimed the deer is her son's father.
Left early because I want to meet my boyfriend.Sorry, boyfriend was facing some downs with his job that day so he don't have the mood to socialise.Anyway, he cooked pizza for his family and me.No matter how tire he was, he always send me home.Boyfriend treated me buffet on mother day.Accompanied to buy present for my mother.Dim sum with q.o.b.Hate those act-tai tais behind me.The dim sum drove us crazy.I super full.I think I must control the number of feasting trips.

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