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Friday, June 22, 2007

Is not that I am lazy to blog or what so ever...is just that I don't how to start.Fine...if you guys want to see all the photos just go to my multiply.
First on the list, we have ah min!
Ah min's birthday celebration I mean.It was held at suki sushi at cine.No cake but cookie!Jovell made the whole buffet worth by eating non-stop.
Once again, we played the "zhong ji mi ma".Ah min said it was not easy to sabotage her but she ended up the one eating most of the time!We also played the number game and counting fingers game.Loser is to eat 2 cream puffs.See min min...she got the shock when her lover tried to kiss her.So who wanna to suntan?I need a tan now!
I think I spent too much that I actually got a shock when I see the balance in my UOB.
And now, we had the june babies celebration!That's jack sheng not chee.Cutting of cake...The leftover...super disgusting!The babes with june babies...The guys with june babies...
And boyfriend treat his guys koko mee at chinatown.Left early because too many people and not enough for cab.And I went genting last sunday.I am scare of cold that I kept wearing gloves.My first meal at coffee terrance.Lousy service plus small serving.One word to describe- sux.The hotel room.Don't know why so big for mine.But the problem is that everytime I finished boiling water, the whole room will blackout.My mummy.
My relatives kept laughing at this picture because they said my mum's arm is as thick as a pillow.
At outdoor themepark.My ah gong...he is very high tech!

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