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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yesterday my grandmother lost her way home.Is not to deal with any disease or whatever.She is a old lady who does not recognise a single word.Luckily, singapore is not that big and she is able to hail a cab easily.
Went to watch pirates with Boyfriend,jian ning and bi qi.The couple slept during the show and they missed the most interesting part of the show- the battle and the part whereby they gotta married.
Another part is the up is down,down is up.
Anyway, the movie is super long that I got scolding from my dad when I reached home.
Boyfriend threw popcorn at the couple after the show ended and this leaded to a beating from bi qi.The way they fight is super funny and boyfriend looked even younger than bi qi from the way he wear.
The movie ending is sad because the lovers cannot be together.Only allowed to see each other for once in ten years.I don't know why...From now on,I can only get to see Boyfriend for once a week and I am missing him now.
He messaged me that he neglected me due to his work but to be truth, we had been too close, often I mean, that I am bit not used to see him only once a week.
And all I can do is to make him feel less guilt by saying I am used to staring blankly at the four walls.
Yup, my way of thinking is selfish but I am not god to accept anything unconditionaly.
I used to avoid and supress so I think I can cope with it well.


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