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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I just want to sleep more, even I slept early last night.Yawn~Z_zzz
Maybe I got influnced by my lazy ass.
I got two presentation on monday.That old hag said we had the point but need to elaborate more and there is no class involvement. Our second one was y presentation and she said there is no division of work.
Went dental afterward.A new dentist.He commented that I need to wear my braces for another eight to ten months because my teeths seem to be not equal, symmetrical. He also said there is cavities and showed me the discolouration at the root of the teeth( I assumed it is because of the afternoon nap.I never brushed my teeths when taking nap). He advised me not to have choco and coke anymore =xI think no one actually saw this.One of the braces actually loosen and drop off.Got to fix it on coming friday.Four rubber bands were fixed and the biting skill seem a bit lose out.
I had my practical on tuesday. Went to throw rubbish and being locked outside the campus. Walked and banged into the counter table outside lab while going for practice.
That hot pink was really...Those whose names were being call had to pick their question before going for assessment.This GY hot pink whose turns not being call happily went to look at the question that picked up by someone esle. She deserved the tick from old hag.
I was tested on suctioning; the moment I picked up the question, my mind went blank.The quesion didn't stated what skill!So they were actually testing our critical thinking.Old hag asked me what is my skill and I replied her I haven't finished reading.
My tester was evelyn. I behaved like a rushing train. She even said to me that it was not a emergency procedure and can take my time. I felt like a totally fool while testing. The way I teared my gloves...the package teared in the middle. I put my catheter at the wrong armpit. I started counting immediately once I put my catheter.
Suba was tested CVP.Actually most of us don't know that we need to put a "+" in front of the CVP reading. So she assume that the reading minus the normal reading. Her tester then give her a multiple choice asking her which is the correct one.
Luckily, both of us passed as well as the seven pills. But suba and me was like can't get over it and we still like a bit blur after our assessment.
Anyway, I had nice dinner with boyfriend.That idiot.Only like the soup and duck.Please do not order the fried seafood mee, which taste exactly like those fried mee siam nearby my house.Small little gift for my boyfriend, who's a idiot to go and find out the price.Happy 100th days together.Shall end this post with some of my lovely face.

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