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Monday, July 16, 2007

My "big auntie" came and I suffered from abdominal pain that couldn't relieve by panadol.To more salt, my mouth is infected with ulcer once again.My asshole also pain because I shited four times since I returned home from school.
Went to celebrate saw hui's birthday.Birthday girl dressed so nice...We had our lunch at new york new york.This time the food didn't made me wait.Good news...yuk found a new love!I saw him but couldn't recalled how he looked like now.
Actually I am quite sad when angie asked want to share someone present and someone replied no after with that person in the same class for 2 years.The reason is because she said she is not very familiar with this particular person.Is not that asking you to buy but asking you to share... heart a little pain because I consider myself as very close with the particular person and they said not familiar which made me wonder in the future years, will you still remember there's such a person called tan xiang zhou?I not very sure...I felt a bit isolated sometimes because they always talked about things I don't know(secret?) or I am always the last to know.Sad...I see my future in old folk home sitting on the rocking chair alone, waiting for death to befall on me.
Anyway, we watched harry potter without ling and yuk.The show dried my eyes and made me want to sleep.
Went to vist my ben ben de after that.Supposed to study but ended up sleeping away.
Met up with boyfriend.Joined welfred and a lady called wanyi.Had dinner at village. We were later separated since they went to watch harry.Boyfriend and I just walked around orchard.
Boyfriend purposely made for me.Happy 90th days!My mum...She didn't know about this frame and asked me to take after she combed her hair.My mum tried to pyscho me and my sis to go have dinner with her because my aunt were treating us.But she failed.Went boyfriend's house on sunday.His mum asked whether got helped him cook all these diahes and I said I was sleeping while he prepared.His mum asked me to praise him and his dad said he dotes me alot.Really?This is not the first time people said this.
Anyway, boyfriend's sister, mei mei, is in love with someone older than us.Boyfriend kept joking about her stead during dinner.
Exam coming...time to mug for tomorrow's practical.

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