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Friday, July 20, 2007

The ulcers didn't seem to heal =(
I went back home wednesday to sleep and back to school for theory paper...it was a tough paper and I felt so stress about it.
After theoy paper, went to eat sakura to celebrate lao da's return from china.Ice cream for dessert!Lao da also ordered the same as me.My ulcers are so painful and I gave my choco balls to cs.Karin's yam ice cream.Still the same, liked purple like nutz.Lingz just had nafra before coming.The guys had their earthquake.Firstly, they said the price of the earthquake when divided was the same as those as that came in one serving.After the girls decided their ice cream, they decided to eat earthquake.They are shy...I liked zhao's spec
Went to find boyfriend after school on thursday.He supposed to have his medical check up on 17 september but happily see the wrong date and went the check up place for nothing on thursday 17 july.
I ended up having nap at his house.
He's an idiot.He corrected the way I pronounced GY and imitated the way I speak(I had to curl my lips in order not to touch the ulcers). I love to use vulgaries on him because he cannot scold me back. =)I showed this picture because people said boyfriend is a tweety bird(big head, small body).

I also want to catch up with you guys.I don't want to use no time as excuse because I did but no management.Maybe inform me earlier...
Exam is coming...urge to mug...

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