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Monday, July 02, 2007

I am damn sad!I left my thumbdrive in the human resource lab on friday and when I ran back school on saturday, the lab is close and the lost and found counter at shs is closed!
All my project information for thursday's presentation were gone!
Anyway, channel u is holding the Hey! Gorgeous. And guess who I saw on the top 5 list of hunks?
Tay Wen Bin and Lim Cheng Guan!
It was like oh my god...and I was laughing at it on train with wen bin saying there's no hunk on the list for nyp.
And how about germaine ng?I thought you want to post too?I didn't see your face...I know you will win because you are a xiao hua but is hua chi's hua.*grins*
Thanks ben ben de for shopping with me on friday even though you only got less than two hours of sleep!Oh...it was super crowded on friday night.
But I waited for ben ben de for 2 hours to reach town and we settled dinner at KFC.See I got a fever :(
But it didn't chased away the shopping craving away!Thanks for helping to take my bag and bring the themometre~
Went to visit boyfriend because he was down with fever too!His sister also fell a sick. And my fever came back when I reached his house.We went to asian kitchen for dinner.I loves la men!Thanks for the treat!
Boyfriend came my house on sunday before we went to watch tranformers, a robot show.My golden prince.I complained that he never kiss me in photos so he gave me.

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