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Sunday, August 12, 2007

I had nightmares these few days.
I was with my poly classmates at the forum and this lecturer came and say about my name.It's not my fault but the namelist.And the funny thing is why the hell that name "anson" appeared right in front of my name. After this idiot lecturer clarify my name, she starts to mark my paper right in front of me. I saw a lot of cross and halfway through, she left without my papers. I returned her the papers and she said I am a cheater.What the hell!
I dreamed that a relief teacher actually fall in love with me.At first, I kept finding faults in him but as time passes, I start to have some feeling in him.We behave like some couple and he only knew I got a boyfriend when I put my head on his shoulder and said, "my boyfriend don't care about me at all."
I dreamed that I remembered the wrong date for exam.But luckily, wei kang and don't know who reminded me that the exams is on monday not thursday.
I think this morning I never dream of anything...was woke up by my sister's shrieking voice and "dong dong"(blasting music) downstair.
I don't know that buses of SMRT also celebrate national day.Cute little kittens.Boyfriend want to rear them but was disallowed by parents.Cigars?No...they are actually leaves.Die even faster because there is no filters.Boyfriend want to save money.Twenty sticks for 2 plus.The wind is strong.Blur but I like this...kind of artistic.I love boyfriend's jacket even he gave me one on my birthday.His one is super cosy.


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