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Friday, August 24, 2007

Exams are finally over!I can just let the burdens on my shoulders down and play for a while before attachment start.
I was so pissed by the HS3034, which is management.First, the module is so boring and then is the lecturers, who made me lost two marks.
I liked to stepped into the examination room on the dot so I didn't know that there is an error in the paper and we are required to answer the questions from different topic separatly on different answer booklet.This particular lecturer saw me entered and sat down but didn't bother to tell me anything.When it is the time to collect the papers, she even "praised" me how well I done both questions from different topics on the same answer booklet.And there is idiot lecturer who kept on "praising" those who did that right in front of me with his students.I am so worried if whether I am going to get a big fat zero from either side of the papers and there he was making such comments.
I managed to know there is an error when suba told me.It was like using a knife to stab into my heart as the management SAQs seem to be easy but they are not!
For today paper...I don't know why is there a need to authorised calculator since mine is actually those recommended ones. Yup, this lecturer said mine is not authorised so I cannot use it.And I passed up the paper at the minute they said we are not allowed to leave the examination hall. I paused a whilw and heard that lecturer mummuring away.So I just rushed out the hall but was stopped by another lecturer outside to give my email address regarding a petition.
And what I did next?
I returned all library books and went home to sleep till nearly 7 pm.See how tire I was...I had been sleeping one or two hours for past few days(excluding those when I was studying half way).
Just when I was sad about the sponsporship(they asked all AH sponspored students to gathered on thursday), the good news came...I received the letter regarding a bout sponsporship when I woke up at 7pm.Now, I am lost...I got to go back to school to settle just before my attachment start and after I signed and passed the sporsporship to AH.And I left less than two weeks time to attachment!
This is LJ.We had a small quarrel regarding bra on tuesday...and he scolded me CGY.And just a few days before the quarrel, I dreamed of my tooths got dropped out when I pulled the loose braces out.Just went to net and search, it said if ever dream of dropping of tooths, it means will have quarrel.
I getting some sleep now so I can made an appointment with AH tomorrow.Last but not least, let me present some admiring photos I took while waiting for that LJ on last week.I fell asleep after taking them...

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