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Friday, September 28, 2007

Sad...Sorry.I can't be with you for your birthday.It crushed;even if there is nothing for me...I still need to go my granny's bbq.

Saw jolin's pa shen me 怕什么 mv.Super nice!

能感觉你手很暖和 能感觉你是特别的

当我的手被你牵着 在街头在风中放纵

随你到世界最尽头 随你上山去放烟火

当你唱着生日快乐 我感动你让我受宠

我不再怕什么躲什么 我只想知道你在想什么

今天起我的心 贴近我的耳朵

听你轻轻的轻轻的轻轻的说 到底我是你的什么

我不再怕什么躲什么 我只想知道你爱不爱我

现在我安静的 贴在你的胸口

要你说听你说说爱我 我认定你是爱我的

我认定你是认真的 你会爱我天长地久

全世界为我们祝贺 我不再怕什么躲什么

我只想知道你在想什么 今天起我的心

贴近我的耳朵 听你轻轻的轻轻的轻轻的说

到底我是你的什么 说爱我(我不再怕什么躲什么)

怕什么(我只想知道你爱不爱我) 现在我安静的

贴在你的胸口 要你说听你说说爱我

I spent a lot of money...all the money I earned seem to be not enough at all.Boyfriend said I spent too much of his money...not going to treat me anymore ;(

My friend mention before...love can be spendthrift.My guy friends also said before...why bother to get a girlfriend?Let them spend your money to buy bags and clothes?I rather spend on IT junkies!

No wonder they always say what will you choose?Bread or love?

I miss him...but he not free.

Anyway, thanks ben ben de for oreo mini pearl and accomodation!

I gave the boss a big impression by felling down from stairs.People asked why I smile and smile...I replied all job must smile.

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