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Monday, October 01, 2007

My computer crush again!If you have window os/xp CD ROM, please lend me!I want to reformat my computer.
Last Saturday was a busy day.Early in the morning, boyfriend brought me to his company open house to have buffet.A little boring because I am not familiar with the people there and we were late.
That place(industry area) is super rural and there are a lot of construction going on over there.Argh, I still remembered I went there on last Wednesday night...it was damn quiet and windy.In addition there is no stalls selling food at night.They ended up having mac delivery and it was then the people ate until at the toilet shitting away.And brenda decided to take photos of nicholas shitting away...however, I only managed to take weijie's.
As there is a lot of construction going on, boyfriend got stared by this construction worker while we were walking on the pathway to the office last saturday.Boyfriend just simply shouted to him,"See what see!"
And we were there...ate the buffet...waited for his pay.Nothing to do...Left there at around three, went to his house to sleep for an hour and rushed to work.
That night was having a birthday function and I left the place late. Boyfriend and his guys came over to fetch me.They told me they pulled down boyfriend's pant outside swensen! In the past, girls will simple turned off; this time, the girls just stared at boyfriend.Boyfriend was drunk after drinking wine and jian ning just simply went to grab his balls to wake him up.Boyfriend didn't let him...he act a bit sleepy and went to grab jianning's balls(result jianning to hit the table).
We went to k box to celebrate biqi's birthday.Boyfriend was reductantly in the first place but did went there when we all got pissed.
Biqi's voice is very powerful(pardon me because I am not used to my sis's imac).Can covered my voice...they said I sang until very serious.Boyfriend didn't went kbox before until last saturday because he seldom listened to chinese songs.He played his psp for a around 3 hours and we had only four hours to sing.And then he went a little crazy...I think he must be droven crazy by the psp game since he can't solved.We tried to help him find those songs he knew.He only managed to sing the lee sheng jie's chi xin que dui...other songs like hokkien songs e.g. ai ping cai a ya he only sang the title(the only part he knew) and wait the part to come up by grabbing the mic with both hands and look at the lyrics very carefully....
Went home at 4am and slept at 5 am.Woke up at 9 plus to work before going his house.I ended up napping at there.I am so tire...even now after napping just now.
Hmm...just in case...
Happy belated to biqi!
Happy birthday to chinsiong!
Happy early to granny & ting ting!
Hmm...I am working at 10pm on saturday and having dinner with family at evening time...so yah.
P.S.Charlene, I will passed you those games when I see you.


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