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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hopefully after tomorrow there will be no more things to read...
Tomorrow will have a emergency test and need to handed in our homework.
Anyway, I am attached to the screening station.
No people in the morning and there was only one staff there.Since so boring, we graped our chance to ask about the im ketorolac procotol.We continue to stand after she explained to us.Then there were these nurses walked passed and the staff nurse asked them if they are going home.They said yes and she went away with them.It was then we realized she was from night shift.
Since nothing for us, wei cong and me decided to copy the PAC for the homework.
It was then the screening nurse came and he asked us about our objectives.I told him to do ECG and he replied later will do.
Well, I do did ECG for about 6-7 times and had become more confident in attaching the leads.However, the interepretion is the worst.Even our CI(lianxia) gave us the talk on ECG, I am still blur about it and we had a test tomorrow.Anyway, that hot pink piggy action again.We were told to fill up the appraisal form using a pencil and as usual some were use pencil.That hot pink piggy then commented loudly,"We had been filling up since year 1!"Aren't we start using it when we were in year 2?Don't know why she is so sucked up.
Anyway, lianxia tested everyone about the IM injection.I dropped the needle on the floor and I kept poking the bottle because I didn't draw anything out for few times.She said I had contaminated the plunger and shouldn't have left the syringe on the tray without a needle attaching to it.She also commented that I must swab if I had to poke the cap for few times.
And I gave an IM ketorolac before I left.Tha staff nurse was saying I should not hesitate so much and should pulled out the needle before putting the swab on the wound.I also need to inform the patient once I want to inject him to prepare him.Overall, he say is ok for someone who gave for the first time.

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