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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Honey candy!Lovely 7th months...Prefer his hair longer.Now I looked like older than him.I know it's bad butI still had to say...he looks like some indo maid.
Finally finish my 3 days continuous morning shift!I was the earliest on monday then subsequently last on wednesday, which is today.I reached on the dot and siti said she thought she will the only one until she saw me coming in.
I took 2 cases everyday.First day with preceptor, SSN ho then SN joycelynn and last SN belinda cum lina.
SSN Ho will always answer my doubts but she was so busy...partly because she is very senior in the ward.DRs, nurses will ask her regarding procedures, patients(even not her team) etc if unsure.As I followed her, it seem like I also helped to attend patients in the team and she asked whether if it is too much for me.After all, she even reminded me to go for both breaks.
Actually, people I followed these three days are nice but Tuesday is really a lack of staff and Wednesday is because of communication problem.
I got caught because of four ear studs and didn't greet people.I seem to lost some critical thinking and keep wondering whether this and that.
I bathed patients until my crocs and insoles are all wet.Ask those who have ED attachment with me...the sound of crocs when its wet(ED is wet with sweats but no smelly feet).A PCA asked me to put tissue inside and it's better...actually I also got caught before because of the slapping sound.
And I was the jinx of bartex pump today!Even I just went to take vital signs for patient...that stupid alarm just went beeping crazily.It's either there is a big bubble at the patient's butterfly plug or the plug is blocked.Spent alot of time on the bartex and I had no time for break and writing report.
A little bit tire of everyday work and home life.Can someone just date me out?

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