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Saturday, December 01, 2007

I am taking one cubicle this week...which is four patients.Able to cope unless the patient got a lot of follow-up.
I will be taking six patients next week.Stress?More to the pressure side.Well, part of growing up and people do have ups & downs.
Went out last friday.Long time no wear this shirt.And the kind soul who accompany me is...Thanks!That's all I can say.Peach blended(?) and meMy dinner of the day.Finished it within few minutes.And the waffle is damn fulling!Didn't finished the ice cream.
That's not the end of the story.Guess what we did? We actually were scrolling along marina square and we saw someone who looked exactly like lin mei fang. And without any hesitation, I just walked toward her(she was eating) and called out "Mei fang" loudly.Both her friends looked at me in puzzle and that girl just lifted up her head and continued her food.
So embarrassing!
Went to meet up boyfriend last Saturday and have dinner with his guy teammates.

After dinner, nothing to do and start to put up a show.By the way, guy in black is actually wei cong's brother, wei liang.World seem to be small.
I totally have no idea when my modern become this.I even called up my siblings to ask how to connect to net...later I realized it is already automatically connected.
I had been having mac nuggets for supper since start of attachment...shall kicked off this bad habit.
I woke up at 4am today...but I can't wake up for work yesterday that I actually took a cab down that cost me $13.20.
Few weeks ago, I actually dream that my boyfriend left me because of a girl called Charmaine.In that particular dream, he even say I am just a supplement for her and his mum accepts her as daughter-in-law.And I even slapped him and let a snake bites him.
And the funny part is...one of the np student attached to the ward is call Charmaine.

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