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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Today is 2008.Another year came and gone.Bye bye 2007.Season greeting to everyone and thanks for those sms and testimonials.
Yes...I am at home blogging and... doing some beauty care at the same time.
Recently I was so engrossed with this forum and came to know that egg white actually aid to remove blackheads.And I don't know what happen(maybe because my big auntie coming), my face break down.
So I decided to try the egg white method since I told myself not to out of the house tonight because of the morning shift tomorrow.
And what I actually did was...cracked the egg.Unfortunately, I broke the egg yolk so I scooped up a little egg white and mixed with my the face shop peel off mask.
Then I mixed the remaining egg with the waston hair mask.
And I just applied them.Luckily, what I expected come true.The egg white mask did h ardened less than 30minutes, or even 15 minutes.
So I washed off everything and now waiting for the blackhead removal strips to dry.
Egg...it stink so I put alot of mask to the smell.So far cannot smell anything but the thinking of the egg just disgust me.Anyway, the effect was not bad.
By the way, I also met up with boyfriend this afternoon since he also not free at night.Have a nice meal at Jack's place.I wanted to pay but his action very fast.He said next time will be my treat...I wondered if he is asking me to treat him paris since he mentioned the restaurant before.
As I was working afternoon shift yesterday, I managed to meet up some friend last night for countdown.
Anyway, there is a party for the surgical ward.A on-call doctor asked did I go and my reply was rather rude..."why must I go?"
Very bad right?Hope he didn't mind too much.Anyway, Sister asked me to go wit h SN BJ so we went for a short while to eat.Is not I don't want to participate...is just that I find very awkward to attend as I am just a student not staff.
By the way, no fancy party countdown...a heart-warming with 3 of my friend and one consider as.
Met up at causeway point and went to queue for mac.I am just hungry and I waited for 30 minute to have my food.
Should I say this 30 minutes is worth?Because of this 30 minutes, we actually find a good spot for the fireworks.
There is actually a video but I didn't save it after receiving from joo.I have to admit that I am a noob sometime.
After the firework, we girls decided to go for movie while kat's boyfriend decide to go home. On the way to amk hub. Introducing xiao qiang. Sorry not available.He belongs to Kat.
And watched national treasure.Very impressed with the finding of the clues.Took cab home since we were sharing so not too expensive.
So any resolutions?...Can I consider what I want to get now as resolutions?Anyway, my ultimate goal shall be passing my PRCP.
Since Chinese new year coming...I would like to get
a branded sunglasses(heard that it cost cheaper to get them from neighborhood optical)
bikini or bras and panties(don't tell me you actually don't wear them at all)
3 set of clothes for new year(maybe will wear those that I haven't wear and left in my closet for decades)
bags(? I ordered three online)
shoes(new year of course must have new shoes)
fake lashes(still wondering should I got them)
tirara(still wondering should I got them)
so far...just like that...will increase as usual.

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