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Monday, January 14, 2008

Well.Not as bad as my sis.First she had her finger cut and now her imac crushed.
Night shift for 3 days.Not as fun as the first one.Mental block every morning.
One of the patient actually died after my second night.Not during my shift...the morning shift.Still kind of complicated feeling.The last minute he still on BIPAP, then he on 50% venti mask then 100% then unresponsive and now, he is gone.
Actually is it what the Chinese used to say back-albedo(phenomenon of sudden exciting spirit before dying)/hui guang fan zhao(回光反照)? Was like expecting him to go back to celebrate Chinese new year but...
Life is so fragile.Just glad he had gone to a world that he no longer need to suffer anymore- heaven.
But sad too..must part from the love ones.
My dear friend bought me my 2007 birthday and christmas present.And at the same time I gave her 2008 birthday present.And I got blings blings on my phone!Shall decorate the front when I am free.Honey treat me this show.Actually I am not interested at all but I still accompanied him to watch.And Charlene that luncheon meat came to hit my fatty arm while I was purchasing nachos and corns.I could imagine how she will be in the theater screening one missed call.
There are a lot of aliens while there is only like two predators(one died in the beginning) and the innocent human beings just die because of these two type monsters.
And the ending was like...what the hell...the government bombed the whole town.
By the way, I am so pissed of when I went back to alex on Saturday. I was eating my taro balls and the bus came.So I closed my the taro balls box and the other hand with my bubble tea, thinking that I will put them in the plastic bag when on bus.
And guess what the fucking bus driver did?He pointed at my food and drove away!What the fuck!I was having gastric pain early on and I didn't even want to eat on the bus.And that fucking old man just drove the bus away.
I think he is fucking lazy.He don't want to open the door to let me in since the door had close and he drove just a step back.
I think he looked down on me.He think I will definitely waited for the other one instead of taking a cab.
I think he think I don't know the law.He think I don't know that I can get fine for eating on the bus.
Anyway, I had already copy down the bus plate and I am going to complain about him.
What the fuck...this is not the first time I receive such bad service from SMRT bus service.I remember that I waited nearly 40 minutes just because a fucking driver just drove past the bus stop in front of Raffles institute and didn't acknowledge my waving.As if the bus is full...but NO!The bus is half empty.
Back to that fucker bus driver.He can just tell me not to eat or drink on his bus.That's all he need to do and not drove that bus away and made my waiting time became 20 minutes instead.
My slippers snapped when I went to market to buy blings blings.And I went home with that spoiled slippers, which is like 10 minutes walking distance.
And I flushed my shoes laces now the toilet bowl while washing my shoes.Gotta to buy 2 pair of shoes laces now.
Watched knocked up with Honey.Our weekly routine-watch vcd and slack at his house.
I asked whether he will accompany just like Ben accompany Allison to see a gynecologist and he said he could.
Hey, I don't want to end up just like the two sisters..being refuse to go inside the club because one is old and pregnant.Gosh! it will be too late if I had to regret at that time.
Then I asked to go club next time then he said waste of money.Idiot asshole.

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