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Monday, March 17, 2008

Was here on last Friday.Nice drawing on the toilet wall.I had a date with her.NOT ALWAYS BOYFRIEND...I told my mum I am going out with friend.
She replied, "I thought your boyfriend went army?I thought you only have your boyfriend, cut off contact with your friend."Scrolling along the road and she said she is hungry.It tasted like latte...no white chocolate flavour. =(She is so happy as she has the hungry pang and caffeine attacks at that time.My eyes looked big. =)
We met up again the next day since joo is having chalet.Thanks for the stuffs and invitation!
I was a bit piss on the way to meet her.I was standing and leaning against the glass wall near the train entrance.All of the sudden, I felt someone was squeezing me.To my surprise, I saw a woman was leaning against the pole.As the train continued to travel, her friend kept on on talking to her while this woman kept banging on me.I was making the lizard sound and she simply ignored it.Don't know why...I just feel a bit discomfort since I don't even know her.You see, there should be a comfort distance between people.The feeling is just like someone who never met before just stand so close to you and speak right into your face.
Lunch at subway...Calories checklist!Went for Australia uni fair.I suddenly realized I need lots or even tons of money!My artistic picture taking.My fringe is thick and long again.
Supper after the chalet.Her super hungry face!And my noodles with a juicy duck drumstick!
I just can't kick off the habit of finishing food fast.Since I eat so fast, I tend to get full easily.So my unfinished share was eaten by Jovell.
Took a cab home.Midnight charges is 50%...$35.
Just register for o level.I am retaking those subjects I flunk and it cost me over $200.
I am crying for money to drop from the sky now.


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