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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Watched rule number 1 by shawn yue, fiona xie & ekin cheng with boyfriend and his guys.
Some of the parts did scared me.
I don't know why...I feel a bit of emo after the show.Maybe because the part people can't really do what they want...freedom.
Well...boyfriend is going army next week.
His blur girlfriend didn't even realized that until he told me when accompanying to take bus.
Time together will even be shorter.
Still remember that period of time I kept going his house and slack.
I do felt bored but I am just grasping my time with him.Time seem never enough for us.
I don't like to disturb him during work so can only called him when he reached home.But he was too tired to have a few words with me.
I kept on wondering how we will be like when he was serving the nation while I was serving people.
Do we still have time to see each other?
Time to hug or kiss each other?
What happen if I need to work when he off duty?
Will we still be as loving as what we were for the nearly one year?
Will we break up?
Do you know previous relationship will still hunt you?
I often think that I committed too little for my last.
I am not understanding enough.
But the pain that printed on my soul, my heart when I suffered from the break-up remained there.
I do love him but not now because someone has actually filled up my heart.
But nevertheless, he is still with me...as memories...in my mind...upset me abit whenever I think about it.
The day you said you like me...I actually knew it few days before it!
And we kissed even we were together.
Maybe we are practical type of people.
That's why <3
I learned what is feel from you.A very unique kind of feel.
Well, we are not those love at first sight.
But I knew we clipped along well.
Damn it...I am thinking of you now.
See, you made me miss you now!


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