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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just opened the mail with the group photo inside.Take 1Shot 2Little Ryan dropped by my house on Sunday.You should see how he wake up naturally.From his expression, I assume he is having a nightmare.
Went to Alexander hospital on Monday.Actually I was early but I forget to bring my bankbook and BCLS certificate so I rushed back home to take.No extra charges and it cost me nearly to 17 bucks.I wonder what if I am late from work again.I can't possible take cab everyday.
Dropped the idea to SNB since I couldn't find any shop that took passport photo near Alex and it is going to close.
Met up with germs, ting to buy present for hana but we ended up after asking her to carry the bag to show us before paying it at the cashier.
Had dinner at Mario kitchen.I finally know where is Tan Quen Lan street.The food is ok...they said they are full but I felt like munching something after dinner.
We ended up at Harry's at esplanade for some cocktails.
Went to do something to my hair earlier today.Treatment plus trimming.I was lost while finding the place...and lost again when returning home.Really not good in direction.Took passport photo outside the MRT station.First time using the photo booth machine.The machine never help me cut the photo so I went home and cut myself.As I can't draw a straight line using free hand, the photo cutting turned up very ugly.Anyway, my face is not spoiled so that's ok.

P.S. If zoom in little ryan's photo, a hole will be seen in the photo.
Curious how I look in short hair, covered the curls in the passport photo.

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