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Friday, April 04, 2008

Yesterday, I went to annilism's house to collect biology textbook.It was raining like cats and dogs; I really feel like I will be blow away by the wind.But the wind has a short-lived, it stopped when I returned home.
By the way, I decided to postpone the retake for o's level after a discussion with dad. He said," let's see how things going after a year you entered the university of society before deciding such matters.It doesn't really matter if you retake this or next year since you already waited for so long.
And my first time was given to ben ben de.She said I am a sua ku(country bumpkin) when I told her I never eat popeyes before.Well, much better quality compared to KFC, who served uncooked meat and I had to asked people to help me changed.Thanks for accompanying your poor sha sha de, who can't find anyone to go mustafar with.
We went expo for john little mega sales.She ended up empty-handed because she said she will come back again.I bought a t-shirt and briefs for smelly.Sweets were from candy empire.Wanted to get some bras but dropped the idea since there is no fitting room.
Smelly, you owed me one new lacy legging.I spoiled it while talking with him via phone.He praised me because I bought brief for him even he indirectly spoiled my legging.
He said he will be out tomorrow.Timing not confirmed yet.

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