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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine day is not for me.I am working afternoon shift!
Anyway, I suppose I celebrate my valentine on 13th the Friday.
Went to meet Boyfriend after work.
Mean to give him a big surprise by buying Smackdown 2009 for him,
he already had one already!
Rushed back to Yishun to change since no good movie timing too.
Luckily, I was able to change a new PSP game for him.
Settled my dinner at Ishi Mura...ordered the hot pot or something similar??? taste average;not really fantasize me.He opened the DKNY brief I bought for him...very big and he said he will wear it to sleep.
Went to get Levis jean afterward since promotion of 2 for 199.90.He paid...as valentine gift.Actually I do have one Levis but that one is a very old model that I bought from some second hand shop at Hongkong; given away.
Shopped and end our day at library.
And...we didn't took any photos.-_-"'
Oh, by the way, he actually want to get me a blue rose after he saw the price is $5.I rejected and HE REALLY NEVER BUY FOR ME!!!
Flash back time....
I transferred a case to another hospital during one of my night.It is a one-hour journey and I got to see beautiful scene when getting back.This is the best I can get...It really look like diamond ring.How I wish Boyfriend has a car so he can bring me to see beautiful things.My new swimming coach.He said he looked like boss.
And guess what?
My goggles break into two before I touched the water.Had to swim as if I am blind.On the way to Jin long's birthday.Latest glasses trend.Minglong,Kelvin, has no phototaking skills so I had to edit the pictures.Reminded of this guy called Melvin..same category.

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