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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last thursday was bro's birthday.So fast...he's already 18...After his birthday, will be mine.Are you going to celebrate with me?
Went out with my long time no see friend, annie.DIY ordering system...I am so amazed by it.Dinning at iluma...that's bugis new shopping centre, which I found that it's just big...nothing special.
Will only see her when I am single.Muahaha...she said don't want to disturb me and my love one.I am a ramen lover...chiu*
Went shopping at bugis before going back home.Was chatting at the void deck...heart to heart talk.Chatted until I only slept for 1 hour before work.
Happy...because it was a long long time since we chatted.And sometimes, just need some people to listen and not pointing finger, saying you are in wrong.
Last night, was chatting with ah ben on phone because he will be MIA once AGAIN.Chatted until 5.30 am.Just chat randomly...I wonder, will we still do that again next time?He's such a piggy who always MIA and sleep whole day. Wondering his next girlfriend can handle him?
Today is momoren's real birthday.
Momo wished momoren happy birthday...last time to use, I promise.
And today, I passed him a diary which I promised to give on his birthday.
Wondering how's his reaction?
Piss off as usual?
Touch?Shouldn't gone to such extent.
Just randomly thinking.

Joy, today, after the shorter hand of the clock passed the twelve, you will be on longer mo mo.Mo mo ren will bury in your deepest end of your heart...as if like a blood cell, no more much significant.Memories will be the best result...but I never regret what I did because life shouldn't have regrets.
Losing someone doesn't mean you have to sad because getting hurt makes one stronger.

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