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Thursday, October 01, 2009

White roses for me.
I miss you.
You are heavenly.

We know each other less than 2 weeks now.
But, everything seem too fast.
The way you treat me,
somehow makes me worries.
Maybe, I am being hurt that badly subconsciously that I some sort of scare...fear of being started and being left behind.
The things you did, I know, I can see...
You rather talk to me than talking to your friends.
You brought me to mac, just because CP wanton is out of stock and your friend just asked whether you want any mac.
You kept asking me to drink honey due to my cough.
You will give me virtual kisses to show how much you miss me.
You will be there earlier than me, just because you know I don't like to wait.
You will help me put on the jacket when I am cold.
You will be there when I say I want to.
You will eat those things you don't like if I demanded you to eat.
You will change your tone just because I don't like your high pitch.
You try to talk to me in English because I say you sound better in English.
You try not to wear your glasses because I say you look more nicer without it.
You cut your hair because I say it's messy even though you going to NS soon.
You admit all under your faults because of me.
You tried your best to send me home each time.
You will wait for me until I am want to sleep; give you a good night call before you can sleep.
You fetch me to airport just because we will be separated for 4 days.
You bring "I miss you" to airport to surprise me; and I only mention once, I loves white roses.
You bought "you are heavenly" today because we walk pass the florist.Don't spend too much on flower ok...but I felt like a little princess with you around.
you know what you touch me badly?
That day I call you and you wait for me under block to put me on the jacket.
You piggyback that drunken me all the way home.

I cannot accept you yet.
I am scare...
scare that I still cannot forget him.
scare that a new hope brings a new disappointment.
Seriously, I really lose faith in love.
If you can wait, you wait...if not, forget it.

Thanks for the everything you did, Kelvin Tan B. H.!


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