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Friday, December 25, 2009

Last night,
I went double O.
I remember my countdown for xmas is outside O bar because I am quening to go in.
I remember I got 6 shots and 3 bombshell.
I remember I ran toward some unknown people for cigarette.
I remember out of them, got this girl whose name is strawberry pocky.
I remember I was dancing like a mad woman.
I remember I kept scolding vulgaries.
I remember I dropped my wallet, my handphone once.
I remember my talking style is super daring kind.
I remember the last person I dance with has a name call shuan.
I remember I call one of my guy friend, telling him that I am dead.
I remember I was eating ba tuk teh, drinking my favourite apple soda.
I remember I went back home with lingz and friend.
I remember I cried in the cab, thinking about that guy that I once was in love with, so deeply.
I remember the cab driver passed me tissue paper and lingz was wiping my tears.
I remember that guy, I am interested in like now, called and said he took panadol with beer.
I remember I was msn him using my phone.
I remember he said he will sms me but I falling asleep in lingz's house and nothing was there when I woke up.
I remember I need to work today.
& yes, merry xmas, I am working today.

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