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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Went service today.I didn't lie to mum.I told her that I am going church when she asked where I am heading.
I was very angry because jiayong promise to give morning call but end up didn't.
The part that really touch me is when Jesus was being beaten up and nail on the cross.I was tearing away but when mao asked me whether wanted to go down to accept god, my reply is no.I rushed back home...I just feel so uneasy about it.Is not unhappy or angry but just uneasy.Don't worry.
Two very important persons, ben ben de and o-pa, both birthday fall on 9th april.I haven't buy their presents.I was scrolling at marina square but couldn't find any good ones.Maybe because I was feeling uneasy that's why nothing seem to be good for them.
Anyway, went to have dinner with joshua, kat, joo, mao and jiayong on friday night after work.I dragged sheng long along and kat, joo, me and him were like separating from joshua and his friends.And I think sheng long was pretty bore.Sorry...
Saturday weather not pretty good.Was raining...my job currently required me to exposed to sun alot so weather not good will affect me alot.
Went to eat siam kitchen buffet after work with sheng long.Others want to go play billard, which I don't know how to play so I dropped the idea to join them.Yup, I am an mountain turtle that don't know alot of thing.The food...
We didn't finish.Hey, thanks for the treat!I think I am suffering from bulimia nervosa.It is a eating disorder that a person will start to binge and binge then suddenly stop and try to lost weight through vomitting, excessive exercise or dieting.
Who say Mr bean is not nice?I watched last night and it was damn funny!I was freaked out when a dog suddenly came out from the den that kept the hens.Then got this part where he danced with the boy like some classic opera to earn money for his journey and the part he helped the Sabin, a actress, to gain recognition.Took night rider home and I waited for half an hour for its arrival.I am not tired but bore.My eye bags are with me long ago not because of the midnight movie.Am I dark?Joshua's cell leader thought I was a malay but I am not...I am mixed blood.Just kidding...If everyone goes heaven, who will go hell?
If there is no evil people around, how we know who is those really good to us?
If we don't go though suffering, how we know the true meaning of happiness?
Face walls and went crazy now...


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