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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sis's recommendation.

What is the real concept of beauty?
Funny version.

& this is super touching!
In the past, I used to diet.
I had tried quite a few methods.
Eating shitting pills.Shit all days long but ended up gaining weights because the intake is higher than the output.Once, my family and I went to eat sushi.And my brother was so angry because he can't a show since I kept running to toilet and shit.That ended my shitting pills days.
The next method is to have one meal per day and drink fruit juices two hourly after 2pm.I t lasted for few weeks and my poly friends think I am nuts.The effect was slow.I think it has to due with my metabolism.
I used to be a big eater but not now as compared to last time.
It started when I gotten some terrible virus during my attachment.I shit and puke all days long for 3 days.And I was seriously dehydrating since I can't even drink a slip of water.
And I lost 5 in these 3 days.
Well I do gained back but the appetite is not as good as before and I quickly lost the 5 kg again.
And the result is...I am 50 kg plus 1 or 2 kg now.
And my boobs become smaller...well, that hurt my pride since i use my boobs to cover my tummy which I gotten from supper-ing.

I AM NOT AGAINST DIETING.I just want people to get enough nutrients even they are dieting...that's why I sound a bit irrigated when people told me they are fat here and there.
I do keep a few diet habit like drinking soup first then veggie then those protein stuffs then carbohydrate but not to the extent popping pills.
Some how or rather, I felt confident about my body and boyfriend love my fat fat meat.And most importantly, I don't want it to become smaller!
Maybe I shall go for some jogging or swimming for some toning.

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