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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I stayed again but didn't break my record.
Sister said I am too slow and it was only ten patients.
I actually cannot pronounced daughter.I pronounced as doctor.
When I talked to the doctors regarding daughter, they had a hard time understanding.I ended up saying "女儿" to solve everything.And today this # HO actually told me something.
#HO:"So, which is the one you want me to write?"
I passed the case sheet to him and told him regarding the medicine.He got blur within the "daughter" and "doctor" but finally understand what I meant.
#HO:"So, you can't pronounced because you are having braces and hunched back?!"
I gave the LOL look to him.
What has it got to do with my hunched back?
I am hunched back is due to incorrect posture while watching TV when I am young.
Oh, I am crouch potato when I am young.My favourite hobby is to sit in front of the TV and watch from day to night until my parents has to scold me to go and sleep.My mum actually commented this before-"Weekdays must wake you up so many times to go to school.Weekends can just automatic wake up to watch cartoons."
Now, I am sad because I can't go on TV marathon. x(
Boyfriend sms me and told me it was our one year and 5 months anniversary.Super happy when I saw it.*muacks*
Sometimes, I find that work has actually taken away the innocent part of me.

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