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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Very, very long never been a big fat extra...last night I am back to a extra role.
Anyway I have fun with sister of friend's friend at the stage.I never knew I am that nuts...m&m peanuts do make people nuts.
How's the feeling of drinking 2 flaming lambo?
Totally high but I just wanted to get myself drunk last night.
Love, work just fall out...very stress...I hate to use stress because I think this is just a small part of life, bigger stress yet to come.
Back to extra role,
They ordered drinks while I myself go and deposit my bags.
When I am back, they already the drinks.
They asked me to Q for drinks, saying will accompany me to Q...but ended up all in toilet.
When they came out from toilet, they went for their drinks and went to dance floor.
And all I did was, Q and drink...next dance like some mad woman.
Luckily, my da lian is at dfly...or esle I really don't know where to go when one whole bunch of them left me.
Life, how many regrets is needed to complete it?
To be honest, my biggest regret is the one I left for my 2 year relationship.
Whenever I am damn stress up, I will think of him.
But, I never call him last night!
His exsistance is like my shadow...hide under the dark.
His memory is a spike...that pierce my heart.
I don't love him as I said but...he has become a regret in my life.
And I break down in cab...my sorrow, nobody bothers...no one cares...
That's extra...and here am I to fill you up.
See, being an extra is good.
Everyone knows you...whenever they need to fill up the space, I am here.
An extra always have a good listening ear.
An extra always have a comfortable shoulder to lean.
An extra will always think she's very important.
An extra won't die so easily...because if she dies, no one will light up your life...

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