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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sort of emo...
Feeling like drifting apart from lots of friend...
Maybe is part of life...
Sometimes, I was really thinking;
did my existance irriated some fellow people out there?
Why am I having such thoughts?
I was surfing FB and I came across some secondary friends' birthday.
Sad to say,
I was not invited.
But it's ok, because I am not really close to them.
I wondered is it because I am jealous of them that made me feel bit sad to see them celebrating happily...
Crazy girl, am I?Muhahha...
Not sad but a bit distracted..
Ok, to cheer myself,
I shall tell myself...
"Thanks, god! I am not close to them because I didn't need to pay much attention if they need help..."
I don 't know why...sometimes I think I am damn selfish...because I only sensitve to what concern me but not others.
But my intention is always a happy ending but it end up I only concern about me.
After watching 500 days of summer,
alot of random thoughts really passed through.
Why I say I was like the female role is because...
I behave inimated with someone before but eventually turn sour after disrupts,agruements...
I told him to wait for me 3 months...
When he woo me that time, sweet words came and the feeling is sort of lovely.
After sometimes, he behaved very werid.
He ignored my messages, my calls...it is very insecure.
I asked myself, I give my best yet he mistreat it.
What you treat me as?Some dog that you want me I will be there?
After pondering very hard, I raised the white flag.
But I got put in feeling in it...in every relationship I have, even a fling when I told him I love him.
And it's not even the 3 months, I got another new boyfriend.
That guy, messaged me one night..which I can't remember any single message...But I can sense he's bit sad.
Ok, what I was trying to say...
Maybe he just cannot give the feeling to actually made me really 100% want him.
Just like how summer treat tom in the movie.
And I was thinking about this funny feeling when listening to 丁噹's你為什麼說謊.
I can sense, he blame me for using him...
你不能說我沒有愛過 說我沒等過 難過
我也想說 也許能重來我卻還是沉默
而我的淚 怎麼就流下來


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