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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today, I just feel so much better.
I don't miss my monster so much as yesterday.Even there is, I am no longer feeling sad.
Maybe it's an enlightenment after being console by my smoking khaki.
I was analying why it turn out like that.
One conclusion is
because that day when I really break down, I told you that you are not the first person that I want to see immediately.
Eventually, it lead to lose of confident, trust...which is so much so much needed in a relationship.
I believe that day when you say you wanted to woo me is real.
I believe...because if you are not, you won't message me to prove how important I am to you(at that point of time) when I said give up on me, stop fooling me.
The paper heart you gave to me is still in my chanel wallet.
Well, the most ugly heart I received but seem like it's the more precious.
I prefer to be that 傻傻的默默靜靜地想念某某人。
Even if he has a girlfriend, but I still want to miss him because he is the one that I loves the most.
Monster is like the pirated version of him.
某某人's birthday is june 9th and his on june 7th.
Both of them know how to style.(The most important thing that I am so crazy about).
Both of them has sense of humour.
Both of them are like big flirt.
Both of them called me baby.
Both of them have thick thick eyebrow.
Both of them do not start a relationship with me.
Both of them first saw me is like out of the sudden.
But monster is much more skinny.
Monster has tattoo.
Monster is more hairy.
Monster smoke winston.
Monster is from melayu country.
didn't mind I have boyfriend.
always talked to me until wee hours.
smoke marlbolo medium.
always piggyback me from his voiddeck to his house.
look most sexy in his singlet.
way of waking up me is so heart-warming.
didn't mind about my past.
his zara cardi is the most comfortable.
will let me sit on his lap while he use his computer and I just stare and admire him.
actually, I don't hate both of them.
Because it's 某某人 taught me how to love someone deeply even if he doesn't have a future with you.
we are trying things out.
Maybe we are just two lonely creatures on earth that just need each other accompany.
But I do have feeling for him...
if not I won't cry for him for two nights and my eyes are so swollen.
Enough of the craps.I am a FB addict, need to use FB now.
Tomorrow I am morning shift...need to wake up the time when people finish partying.
Now, I already started to feel sleepy...but if I sleep now, I can't sleep later.


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