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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I done my first night shift as a staff nurse on last Friday.
In the daytime, I went meet up with Ting.And had dinner with Jiajun because ting ps me to have dinner with pual.Went to coffeebean to have tea latte since there is still some time before I report to work.
My first night is alright because there is only two patients in my team.
After my first night, I went to meet Jiajun for breakfast before going home to sleep.In the evening, I went to meet my boyfriend.In the end, I only slept for 3 hours.Second night, Isabella tried to insert plug.She looked so cute when she is serious.After that is Shuhui.Some people is scared of this part.
I really cannot take it toward the end of second night.Anyway, second night is consider the best night out of the 3 nights.
My team is full house on the third night except for the two A1 bed, which is empty.Call bells plus plus.Anyway, we ordered takeaway.
And just when I want to start eating, my patient told me that the other patient want to climb out of bed.
Well, nothing happen actually because we were there just in time...no fall occurs.See, this is a good part of building rapport with your patients.
After I ate my supper, I went to write my reports.And I really cannot take it anymore that I went to sleep.
By the time I woke up, it's 5.30am.
And I quickly end all my reports and give my morning dose of antibiotics.See, super awake after the nap.Photos taken by anna moi's new phone.
And I went home and slept all the way till 4 plus.
Went to cut my hair.The hairdresser blew my hair until it looks like I got my hair rebonded.I like to change my hair style on and off.Went to watch Hellboy after haircut with boyfriend because it's his first night out yesterday.
The show is not as boyish as what I think and I like the tumor in the show.

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