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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

One of the night shift.12 CP wantons!Seaweed..yum yum!And miss goumet is with me!Happy birthday!I enjoyed eating food with you...no worries at all.
And Boyfriend treat me ajisen.He said he must be good to me so that I won't go find other guys.But how come his eyes only got food not me?The next day even treat me Carl Jr.Random took...same expression!And after so long, I finally meet daniel to chill.He treat me mac!I simply love people treat me good, buy things for me.I am very greedy...I love present.Last time I may be particular if you buy me food but now, I love because I spent alot on food.Met zhier randomly on bus.It was quite funny that I thought she changed her boyfriend.But the truth is her boyfriend let his hair grew longer.Well, I prefer his short hair.And after a long time, we finally meet up!He was singing Fang da tong's song while wearing the glasses.I enjoyed playing joo's glasses.The jacket also belonged to joo.They blocked me and I decided not to take.I still remembered the starry night when four of us chatted together until I fell asleep.Mr eddy, I will miss you while you are in home academy.
And daniel, joo and kat came my house after sending mandy home.
Kat and me was trying to teach joo how to play mahjong and this idiotic daniel kept disturbing.Sleep also must make noise.Glad that he fell asleep.
I am going har pow villa on coming friday!Looking forward to it.
I am craving for a break but Sister said I am going to stay for JCI.Give me my annual leave!

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